Saturday, March 15, 2008

A "ONE"derful Year!

Dear Sweet Noah Balboa,

Where has the time gone? One year ago today, you joined our family. I clearly remember that in the afternoon when all of our guests had left to eat, you and I had our first moment completely alone together. You were wide awake and you gazed into my eyes. Then you wriggled your way up my tummy to nurse. I fell in love with you at that moment and you have continued to wrap me around your little finger every day. This year has been a busy one and we've gone through a lot of changes, but whatever the challenge, you've been a sweet, easygoing little guy.

One of my friends refers to you as "the mayor" because you are so smiley and charming to everyone you meet. You have an infectious little giggle.
You have recently started to LOVE to play games. Peek-a-boo is your favorite, but you also like "How big is Noah?" and Patty-cake. You are a loving little dude and when I pat your back, you pat my back in return. It is so darn cute. You have FINALLY discovered food. You wouldn't eat anything but breast milk until you turned about 11 months old, then you totally skipped baby food and started eating anything and everything right off of our plates. I am amazed at how much you eat!

You explore the world with your mouth. If you can pick it up, it goes in your mouth. This really keeps daddy and me on our toes. We've pulled paper, coins, and various other tidbits out of your mouth just in the nick of time.

As sweet as you are, you have a mischievous side too! One of your favorite games is standing outside the bath tub and turning on the water and sticking your little hands in it. Grace enjoys playing that game with you! Yesterday, while I was drying my hair, you went behind the bathroom door and pulled quite a bit of toilet paper off the roll before I caught you (and snapped a picture). I couldn't help but laugh -- you looked soooo proud of yourself.

You have brought so much joy and love to our family, little man.

I love you to the moon and back!


Anonymous said...

This is great! Now I can let you know how much I enjoy reading about what is happening in your lives. Your children are JUST TOO CUTE!!!!
grandma Richardson