Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Not Cute!

My mom tells a story of me as a young toddler in which I was in a particularly cranky mood and she said to me "Boy, you sure do like to argue!" I fired back quickly "NO! I DO NOT LIKE TO ARGUE!" This morning I realized that the classic mother's wish ("I hope when you grow up you have kids that act just like you") has come true for my mom.

All of Grace's Dora cups were dirty, so I poured her milk into the only available cup and handed it to her. She took one sip and said "I don't like this one, this is Noah's cup!" After a few minutes of telling her that she could drink out of that cup or not at all (met with major whining of course!), I looked at her and the following conversation ensued.

Me: Oh Grace, you are just too cute!
Grace: NO! I NOT cute! I Gracie!

Ah, the fun of having a 2-year old!


Kelly said...

Sounds like my life, Melissa. My life in two-year-old land. :)