Sunday, March 16, 2008


Though yesterday was Noah's actual birthday, Tyler had a soccer game an hour and a half away and we made a family trip of it and met Aaron's old roommate who lives in the area for dinner. We're not big on huge first birthday galas, but we did have lunch/cake in Noah's honor at mom and dad's house today. Uncle Andy and Aunt "Missa" came and we all had a nice time.

Aaron started a tradition of making the birthday
cakes with Grace and though time constraints due to our trip yesterday kept him from making his typical masterpiece, he did put together a darling bunny cake for Noah to dig into. Noah surprised us all by being quite dainty with the cake. We were expecting him to be covered head to toe in icing like Grace was, but he ended up with a little on his nose and some on his hands. We didn't even have to hose him down when he was finished!

He had a fun time opening gifts. He loves to look at other babies and when he opened one gift, he proceeded to kiss the baby on the box. He is such a sweet little guy! Of course, after the initial
excitement wore off, he was content to play with (and try to eat) the wrapping paper. :)

Happy Birthday, little NoNo! We are so glad you had a fun day!

Cheesin' with Mommy

Gotta love Nana's necklace!
Hi everybody!

Monkeyin' around with Papa and Tyler

Did someone say time for CAKE??
Even big boys get cake on their nose sometimes!
Mwah! That is the cutest baby ever!
Let me check out the transmission...
Grace in the doll chair
Happy Birthday, best buddy!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday NoNo! :)
Love and baby smooches,

Anonymous said...

I think Noah will be pleased when he's older and sees the pictures of his 1st birthday cake. Good job,Aar, and great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Noah!!!
Lots of Love Hugs and kisses from across the ocean
Auntie Claire and Lucien

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day cutie pie! xoxo
Nat and Holly