Thursday, March 20, 2008

Curly Sue (and Noah too!)

If you've met Grace (and even if you've just seen any of her pictures on this blog), you understand why I sometimes call her "Curly Sue." She has VERY. CURLY. HAIR. I mean the kind of curly that causes strangers to cross restaurants to comment on it. It was around her first birthday that we started to notice some little ringlets forming in the fuzz and as her hair grew, it didn't get longer, the curls just got tighter and more defined. If you pull her hair out straight it is shoulder length, but it's impossible to get it straight (and I would never want to, I love her little curly locks!)

Anyway. Noah's hair has developed a familiar fuzz and sure enough, the curls are forming. I couldn't be happier that they have both apparently gotten daddy's curls. I'm sure when they are older, they will both fight them and try to straighten them, but as long as I'm the "stylist," let the curls be free!!