Saturday, March 22, 2008

An "Eggs"cellent Week!

The last few days have been filled with fun Easter activities and my children are reminding me - once again - what life is all about! Seeing things, I mean REALLY seeing things, through the eyes of a child brings such an exciting perspective that it makes you wonder WHY we all grow up and start seeing things any other way.

On Thursday, Grace had an Easter Parade at Mother's Morning Out. I did not have a camera when we went to pick her up, but I will paint the picture for you as well as I can. Aaron went in to get her and she came bounding out the door with a little bonnet made out of a paper plate with a plastic bowl on top, donned with hot pink silk daisies (her sweet teacher Mrs. Pauline made this for her). She had a plastic Easter bucket in one hand and a little rabbit basket with flowers made from pipe cleaners and cutouts of her hand print in the other. She literally had a grin from ear to ear as she made her way to the car. No, I didn't have a camera, but I know that I will NEVER forget the image. It should be in the dictionary beside the word "elation."

On Friday, we went to my parent's house and dyed Easter eggs, followed by a Grace/Noah Easter egg hunt. Grace had such fun looking for the eggs and sweet little Noah had fun trying to stuff them in his mouth. As I pondered how much they enjoyed such a simple activity, I decided we didn't need Little Gym or the likes. It is possible to have GREAT fun without paying big money for it. Again, something I KNEW when I was a kid, but sometimes forget as an adult.

Today, we had our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. We took all the kids out in a neighborhood common area and they "searched" for eggs. I had been thinking earlier in the day "now where will they hide the eggs? It's just an open area" Silly adult me! They just get dropped in the's not fun if you have to look TOO hard for them! :) Again, the smiles on all the kids faces were priceless. Nobody was rushed, nobody over-scheduled and NOBODY was misbehaving. Makes me wonder if our attempts to keep our children "entertained" is to blame for some of the newer behavior problems (but that's a whole other blog).

Tonight, we went to see the Easter Bunny. We figured (correctly) that the lines would be much shorter for those of us who procrastinated until the very last second. I didn't know what to expect from my children. I know lots of kids are scared of the Easter Bunny and Santa, but I'd been talking to Grace about it and she was adamant the SHE wanted to see "the Bunny" so off we went. Thanks to our procrastination, Grace was able to run right up to the bunny as soon as we got there. It was like he was her best friend. One down. Noah has developed a little stranger anxiety so I thought surely he'd have a meltdown. He calls his stuffed animals "Deacon" (long story) and as I walked him up to the bunny, he patted it's "fur" and said "Deacon, Deacon, Deacon." It was love at first sight for him too! We got a great picture and had a hard time getting Grace to leave. She'd walk away and go right back to check him out again.

It has been such a fun weekend! Thank you little munchkins -- for reminding mommy of some things she needed to be reminded of. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!


Kelly said...

They're so cute hunting eggs! I'm so jealous of your nice weather. Noah looks comfy in his Ergo!