Saturday, October 21, 2006

To my sweet son on his 11th Birthday

note: this entry was actually written on Tyler's birthday (10/20), but due to technical difficulties the post is being uploaded on 10/21.

Dear Tyler,
Wow, I cannot believe it has been 11 years since the first time you were laid in my arms. I knew from the minute I looked into your eyes that you were going to be a special young man and you have delivered on that in so many ways. Even from the early days, you've had drive and determination that has been noticed by all around you and I can't wait to see where these qualities take you in the future. I remember watching you in your first couple of years as you took in all of the information you needed to reach a new milestone, figured out your "gameplan," then just did it. As you grew older and entered school you took your determination with you and developed and enthusiasm for learning that has always made me particularly proud.

You have such a sweet spirit and you truly care about people. Those are such important qualities to have. They are ones that are often overlooked in "the real world," but carry them with you everywhere you go for they will set you apart and make you special.

I have been particularly touched as I've watched you grow to adore your baby sister in the past year. You are her hero and before long you will be the hero of
two young siblings. Being someone's hero is never an easy task, but I know without a doubt that you will live up to the title with ease.

I wish you a very happy birthday, my sweet son and look forward to the new adventures we will face in the next year.

I love you with all my heart,

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Ever have one of those days that when it's over you wonder how you ever got it all done? Today was one of those days and while I am totally exhausted, for some reason I can't seem to go to sleep, so I thought I'd write it all down to decompress. There were a few things I needed to pick up at the mall and Tyler had a soccer game at noon (he had to be there at 11:30) so we got to the mall right when it opened at 10 am. We dashed around and picked up what we needed and sprinted back to the car to make it to the game.

The game was exciting! Although we lost 3-0, Ty's team played really, really well. They were playing the best team in the league and really gave it a good effort, so it was a "good loss." When the game was over, Aaron decided he wanted to go to Secca Santa (description: Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art: Shop your favorite boutiques and see the new stores that make up this shopping extravaganza. From gourmet foods to jewelry and toys to garden gifts, you will find something for everyone on your shopping list—and maybe a little something for yourself) to see the booth of a friend of ours. They make really cool wooden signs with cute sayings on them and he was duly impressed. Our time there was limited because Grace had a photo shoot at 3pm...

Yep, I said photo shoot, but before you categorize me as a stage mom, let me explain...ha! A friend of ours owns Maya Wrap (a baby wrap and sling company) and another friend of ours is helping with some marketing and as part of that is overseeing the re-design of the website. So Grace and about 20 other babies were recruited to be "slung" for an hour or so. As can be expected when coordinating baby photography, things were running a little behind. Being the laid back little sunbeam that she is, Grace took it all in stride and happily played on the swings and slides until it was her turn. The only small hitch was that Tyler had a birthday party to be at at 5 pm. So he and I left Aaron and Grace at the park and off we went.

When we arrived at the party at 5:10 (thinking we were late), we found out that it actually started at 5:30 (oh well, my first time being early all day!) Luckily, his friend Jay's mom was fine with getting started a tad early. After a quick conversation with her, I hopped back into the car and hurried off to pick up Aaron and Grace. When I arrived at the park, Grace was done with her photo shoot and was still as happy as could be. Aaron and I, on the other hand, were hungry and exhausted. Neither of us had the energy to cook so we went out to eat. When we got home at a little after 7, Grace went right to sleep and Aaron followed suit an hour or so later.

And here I am, it is almost 10:30 and I'M still awake. But fortunately, reliving the day has made me extremely tired, so I'm off to bed. Nighty night!