Sunday, August 23, 2009


*Warning: this is probably an irrational pregnant woman rant!*

WHY, oh WHY did the makers of a very popular children's show (Thomas and Friends) give one of the main characters the name "Percy?" Didn't they know they the "r" sound is one of the last ones kids master? Noah is a Thomas JUNKIE...and Percy is one of his favorites, but he cannot get that "er" sound in the middle right and it comes out sounding like a VERY unpleasant word. And he says it 100 times a day...and sings songs even.

We try to laugh it off, but it's a little disconcerting for Aaron and me (and you should SEE the looks we get when strangers hear him say it). Guess we'll be working on the "er" sound in the very near future. Sure would have been nice if they'd named him Nick though!


Tammy :) said...

Thanks for the giggle Melissa!!!!

Larissa said...

Teehee! we should try to think of some other bad names for children's characters and make the execs a list. LOL.

JB said...


abk1030 said...

OMG - CAmden has been saying that not nice word from Thomas for a long time now also! Finally, he is getting the hang of the ER part!!!