Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When she grows up...

Grace wants to be a medicine-giver-outer (aka pharmacist).

I thought I'd document that for her, so she'll know what her first career aspiration was.

Why the interest in being a pharmacist when most kids her age want to be a fireman or ballerina you ask? Well, thanks to the gestational diabetes we've made quite a few trips to the pharmacy lately for lancets, test strips, insulin, and syringes. Miss Grace has been quite fascinated by the medicine-giver-outers and REALLY wants one of those cool white coats someday. :) Ah, to be driven by the simple things.

For the record, when Tyler was Grace's age, he wanted to be a calculator. I love these kiddos!


Abbie said...

She's grown so much!

lotusgirl said...

She's got ambition. You go, Grace!