Sunday, October 05, 2008

Potty Training Fun!

I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of a year's worth of potty training so with both Tyler and Grace, I've waited until they really started showing an interest to push the subject. When Tyler was 2 years, 9 months old, his preschool teacher called and said that Tyler was interested in wearing underwear at school like all his friends. So, we bought underwear and no joke...he's been using the potty ever since. No training, no bribing, just him being totally ready.

For a year, Grace has shown spurts of interest followed by total lack of interest, so we haven't pushed it. However, a couple of weeks ago she decided she didn't like the feeling of poop in her diaper (sorry if that's TMI) and she's been putting those in the potty ever since (so far pee pee is still okay to put in the diaper, but she is starting to ask about big girl panties (sorry Janae, that's what she calls 'em...) :) So, I think we're getting very close!

After a few days of sounding the alarm that she needed to go, getting someone to take her, doing the celebratory dance afterwards, etc....she decided she was ready to handle the process herself. I was working while she napped the other day and when she woke up, she quietly went and took care of business herself. Then she (literally) scooted in....

Both legs in ONE pant leg, the other leg hanging around like a tail and pull-ups in a very interesting wad in the back. You better believe she got a huge hug. My sweet little girl is growing up!


JB said...

Well I suppose I'll forgive since that IS what she calls them. but you should teach her now... they should be called underwear- plain and simple :)