Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Pajama Truck!

Not sure if I've mentioned it on my blog or not, but I LOVE to shop online. Taking Grace and Noah into a store is like herding cats, but I can shop to my heart's content online while they are sleeping or otherwise engaged. In just a few days (or the NEXT day with zappos.com), the goods arrive right on my doorstep.

On one occasion back in the spring, I ordered Grace and Noah some pajamas. (Note: another positive about ordering online is that it's often easier to find ALL the colors and sizes you need in one place...I have a heck of a time with that in stores). Anyway, when the UPS man arrived, it was the first time Grace really paid attention and grasped the fact that this nice man drove right up to our house and brought her a gift of super soft pajamas. She became very fascinated with this kind prince and took particular note of his noble steed. Since then, we have not passed a UPS truck without Grace saying "Look it's the pajama truck! That man gave me jammies" About a week ago, the pajama man confused her royally and dropped off...CLOTHES. Now, when we see the pajama truck, she identifies it as the pajama truck, then curiously asks "What's he gonna bring me today?"

I think "almost three" is my favorite age! :)