Friday, June 27, 2008

Wii've lost our minds!

Tyler is home for the summer. He is here all day, every day. We've joined our local pool to give us all a break from hanging out at the house, but still there's a lot of time to pass. We try to do fun things, but sometimes it is hard to find things that a 1, 2, and 12 year old all enjoy. Not to mention, Aaron and I do have to get some work done during the day!

Enter the wii. I have been dead set against getting any kind of gaming system because I don't want the kids to sit and veg, but our friends the Skinners brought their wii over a couple of times and it's just different. We've played tennis, golf, and bowling interactively and had a blast, but the other night they brought over Rock Band, a fun game that comes with a drum set, a guitar, and a microphone. One song and Aaron and I realized we'd missed our calling. Oh don't worry, we were meant to be together, but there is no doubt we were meant to be Rock Stars. When our friends left, we missed the wii and vowed that when we saved enough money, we'd buy one. The very next day we got a nice little check we weren't expecting. We were at Gamestop within 24 hours. Now buying TOTALLY non-practical stuff is not commonplace for us, so it felt a little weird, but between Aaron, Tyler, and I someone's been playing non-stop practically since we got it. Grace and Noah love to watch us play -- they are cute dancing to the music -- it really is a group activity.

So, if you call and wii don't answer, wii're surely cleaning the house or working or doing something completely productive. Don't worry about us, wii'll call you back just as soon as wii get a spare minute! :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I bet Janae will give it a good work out when she gets there. G., M., E.

Cortney said...

Wii've had one since Christmas. Wii don't have a lot of games but have a few- you're more than welcome to borrow anything we have though. :)