Sunday, June 01, 2008

Guess who finally started walking tonight?

That's right! At 14.5 months, Mr Noah beats Grace's time by 2 weeks. Who says boys are slower than girls? =)

He's been teasing us for a while now and has started standing up on his own in the last few days. Last Sunday, I predicted he'd be walking in the next week and apparently he didn't want to make a liar out of his mommy! Aaron put him down on the bedroom floor tonight and he just walked across the room to me, not a step or two but a full-on walk. Of course, we kept having him do it until he got totally tired and frustrated with us, but those first steps are just too darn cute! Yay Noah Balboa!!

This picture is also to record his first goose egg on the noggin'. He took a little tumble on the patio yesterday. It's always scary to see those knots pop up on the head, but he seems to be feeling fine now.


Cortney said...

Yippee!!! Just as we were talking about this today!

Anonymous said...

He is just toooooooo cute! I really enjoyed talking to Grace last night. I even got most of what she was saying. With a little more practice on my part, I'll get it all. Have a great week! Grandma :>)

JB said...

I'm so excited to come visit in July! I can't remember if I told Aaron or not but Nathan will be able to fly out for a few days on the company's dime. Party!! :)

Kelly said...

Go-Go No-No! :)