Thursday, May 15, 2008

Missing Daddy

Aaron has been in Los Angeles all week and we are all missing him. So I can keep my business going when he's out of town, the kids and I always spend most of our time with my mom and dad. They are a GREAT help (thanks mom and dad), but that means changes in routines, lots of running back and forth and well, I'll admit it, I miss my sweetheart.

Luckily, these week-long trips only come around a few times a year. It's been about 9 months since the last one (I totally lucked out!) and this is the first time Grace has really "noticed" her daddy was missing. It's been a good opportunity to work on days of the week with her. Starting Monday morning she woke up with "Where's Daddy?" to which I responded "He is in L.A. He will be back on Friday. Today is Monday, so we have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then Daddy comes home." We've been through this multiple times every day and she now tells everyone she sees "my daddy is in L.A. He'll be home Friday." It's really very cute, but not as cute as the conversation I overheard her having on the phone with him last night....

Hi in L.A.?
You coming home on Friday?
I gonna see you and give a BIG HUG to you!
I love you.

Aaron thought I had prompted her, but that was straight from her sweet little heart.

The kids have been so well behaved -- I've been so thankful and so proud of them. But we are ALL ready to have Daddy home with us. So hurry home, Aaron! We love and miss you!!


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking of you all week, and remembering how hard it was when I would be home alone with the kids for an extended period of time. I'm so glad you are near your parents and that they can help you.

Cortney said...

I'm glad Aaron's home now. Things get so boring when Josh is gone.