Friday, May 23, 2008

The Great GOOSE Outing

Grace just turned 2.5 and man oh man, what fun and creative stage this is!!

For background, nearly every time we leave our house, we pass my parent's church. There is usually a church bus parked outside and when we pass Grace says "There's papa's bus!"

One of her favorite things is seeing the geese in the neighborhood across the street from us. Quite often, they're just standing around as we ride through but if they are not, she says "I wanna go see gooses!" (We are working on "geese" but it just hasn't stuck yet). Let me just say that Aaron and I now totally understand the phrase "wild goose chase" because we have scoured that neighborhood time and time again for geese.

One particular day, as we went through the neighborhood we were completely unable to find the geese. Grace was really sad and kept saying "Where did the gooses go?" We explained that they were probably taking a nap (we use this one to account for anyone and anything that suddenly goes missing and that usually satisfies her curiosity). As we continued down the road, she noted that papa's bus was missing from the church parking lot. "Where's papa's bus?" she questioned. When I told her I wasn't sure, she said...."The gooses took papa's bus!" Amused by her creativity, I said "ohhhhhhh, is THAT where they went?" "Yep" she confirmed. "They got on papa's bus to go out to eat pizza!"

The mental image she created at that moment still makes me giggle! Ah, it just gets better and better! :)


Kelly said...

Kids come up with the FUNNIEST things! I love it, Miss Grace!

Anonymous said...

It's so fun to hear the wonder of the young children. Especially, when you can understand what they are saying and get an idea about their personality and how they think. Thanks for sharing. Love, Grandma