Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can it be...

Grace is THREE!!
Okay, so I've been a REALLY slack blogger and this happened over a month ago, but still it deserves documentation. My lil sunbeam turned three in early November. She had a nice party with the family followed up by a little neighborhood friend party. She got lots of nice gifts and I talked Aaron into letting me get her a dollhouse that she and I were going to Costco several times a week to play with. We, er, I mean SHE loves it.

I can't believe how much my little Lulu has changed in the past year. She's like a tiny adult, carrying on normal conversations, asking questions, and occasionally testing mommy and daddy's patience. She LOVES preschool and going to nursery at church. She likes playing with both dolls and trains and she and Noah are quickly becoming best buddies. She is helpful and loving and such a special member of our family. We love you, Grace!