Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our Beloved "Teddy"

I've been meaning to do a blog about Teddy for a while, but with other recent events, I just haven't had time to schedule a photoshoot with him. Many of you have probably met Teddy. If you've met Grace, chances are good you've met Teddy for he accompanies her most everywhere she goes.

I purchased Teddy on a whim. When Grace was younger she got into the habit of falling asleep touching my hair. When we found out we were expecting Noah, we were eager to teach her good sleep habits and I was on the lookout for a "substitute me" for night-time. While at the mall one day, I stumbled into Build-a-Bear. When I laid eyes on the beautiful pink teddy bear and felt it's silky fur, I knew we'd found our lovey. For Grace, it was pretty much love at first sight as well. Teddy worked like a charm and she began sleeping through the night every night without a fuss.

Since then, Teddy has become more than a night-time lovey. He (and I'm not sure why we call a pink teddy "he" but we all do) has become a member of our family. He accompanies Grace to preschool and to nursery at church. He rides in the car with us a lot of other places, but is usually content to wait for us there. Teddy has been to the beach and to Texas and to soccer tournaments galore . He's lived in three different houses with us. He was there to help Grace welcome a baby brother to the family.

Over time, teddy has become tattered and worn, but for Grace, there is no substitute. She has other animals that she loves, but none come close to the strong companionship she has with Teddy. She can sleep if one of the other animals is left in another place in the house, but Teddy must be by her side. One night we couldn't find Teddy and I honestly think I panicked as much as Grace. I couldn't stand the thought of her losing a friend at such a young age. Luckily, Teddy turned up -- he was just hiding under the sofa. As I look at Teddy, I know that before long he is going to start requiring "surgeries" to remain intact. I am hopeful that he will last as long as Grace needs him and will do everything in my power to make that happen. People have suggested that we buy another Teddy to "prolong his life" but it wouldn't be the same. Teddy is special because he's been through so much with Grace. A new Teddy wouldn't have the same "scent of experience." It just wouldn't have the character that comes with being grungy and worn.