Monday, February 25, 2008

"GRACE-ing" us with her Presence

With the stress of selling the old house gone, we are really really enjoying time with our children. We marvel every day at how fast they are growing up and are thankful for their sweet, innocent personalities. Miss Grace has been particularly entertaining lately. She has learned to say prayers and prays at every meal (often several times before, during, and after the meal). She also says her own prayers at bedtime and occasionally I hear her in her room all by herself with her sweet little voice usually goes something like this...

Heav Fadda
Tanka dis day
Tanka mommy, daddy, Noah, Tywer, Nana, Papa, Andy, Missa, Gamma, Gampa
All our bwessings
Nama Jesus

While she loves to say prayers, she doesn't like it when OTHER people pray for too long. More than once she's proclaimed "AMEN!" in the middle of a prayer at church. We attribute it to her Baptist blood. :)

Grace is also becoming a true GRITS (girl raised in the South) and is a huge college basketball fan, more specifically a Wake Forest Demon Deacon basketball fan! Her absolute FAVORITE thing is going to the games. On game days, she wears her "Deacon shirt" and carries her deacon bag with her pom pom sticking out. She has a little stuffed Deacon (ugliest stuffed animal on the planet...sorry Mom) that she carries around too. She can identify a WF from a mile away and says "WF Wake Forest Deacons!" She is a true little cheerleader and quite possibly the most dedicated fan under the age of 3.

Finally, she may be cute, but she's a feisty little thing. I particularly enjoyed this exchange in the car the other day.

Me: Grace, how old are you?
Grace: TWO!!!
Me: Tyler is 12
Grace -- Well, I fourteen!
Tyler: Well, I'm 25
Grace: uhhhhh, nooooooooooo

You know, I haven't been to the movies in years and I turn the TV on for one hour a week (to watch House). Who needs 'em....we've got all the entertainment we need!


Kelly said...

Grace saying her prayers is precious! Love it!