Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Our Day at the Fair

I'll be honest...I'm not a fan of the fair. I haven't been since Tyler was about 4 (at which point he started liking rides that made me queasy). But...this year I thought it might be fun to take all the kids for an afternoon adventure (I've heard too many horror stories about the things that happen out there at night!) Tyler was excited about going, but asked to take a friend since the rest of us are either too short (Grace and Noah), too old (Aaron) or too squeamish (me)to ride the rides he likes.

I agreed to let him take a friend, which meant we needed to take two cars. I picked the boys up after school and met Aaron on the way into the parking lot where we were "robbed" on the way in. Don't worry, no guns involved or anything. This was totally legal robbery..$7 PER CAR to PARK! So since we had 2 cars, we're out $14 before we even get into the fairgrounds! Next, we go to the admissions gate...I forget how much it was for each person, but I know it cost us $23 to get in. Cha-ching..that's $37 down and we've just walked in the gate. Then of course you have to have tickets to ride. When you consider tickets are $1 each, each ride requires approximately 4 tickets, and we have two riders (Ty and his friend) with us....well...let's just say they didn't ride many rides!! I snagged 6 tickets from them so I could take Grace on her first merry-go-round ride. She LOVED it. As she was riding she hugged the horse's neck and as we went past Aaron she'd say "Bye Daddy" and then as we passed others she'd say "Bye People!" It was adorable! And just like that, I stopped putting a price tag on the day.

When everyone was all out of tickets, we all went to see the animals and I was excited to get to see camels. I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated by camels. They are such cool looking animals. We ran into a particularly friendly one who loved Grace! Grace thought all of the animals were pretty cool...and I think Tyler and Tristan had a good time too. Noah was just along for the ride, but he was a happy camper!

All in all, we had a fun, albeit incredibly expensive, afternoon!