Thursday, October 11, 2007

As Promised, Introducing BOB, Our Revolution Duallie Stroller Strides Super Duper Fantastical Double Stroller

In my minivan post, I said I'd be introducing the stroller we love in a future post. Occasionally I write product reviews (because I find them sooo helpful when making my own purchase decisions), so I thought I'd just post my review here. We love our BOB!!

We consider BOB part of the family!
5 Star Review
Reviewer: ASmiles , | Date: September 30, 2007
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I had tried out this stroller while I was pregnant with my third child. My second and third are 16 months apart and I do a lot of walking in addition to attending my oldest son's soccer games and needed a stroller that would handle well on various types of terrain (asphalt, gravel, grass). My husband balked at the price at first, but he is an engineer and once he tried one out, he was sold. He got a bonus from work and the stroller arrived 2 days after our son did! We walk a couple of miles as a family twice a day and we love this stroller. The kids are comfortable and the stroller pushes like a dream and we've tested it on about every surface you could use it on. The sun canopies provide great coverage as well as a barrier to protect my youngest from his feisty older sister when needed. The storage basket is large enough to tote all of our stuff and that is no small feat! We've taken it to the mall and other shopping centers and it easily fits through the doors. We bought the car seat adapter and it worked GREAT with our Graco Snugride while we were using it. The ONLY downside I can think of is that it IS bulky when folded up, but hey, that is the nature of a double stroller.

My husband and I joke around when we get in the car and call out all of our kid's names to make sure we have everyone. BOB is such a member of our family that he's now on the "roll call!" :)