Monday, July 28, 2008

Still a MAN ROOM (just a cleaned up version)

As promised, I wanted to post pictures of Aaron's office. He's been a little on the fence about the makeover. When I suggested it, he got very defensive and decided that I must be trying to move in on his man space (something he insisted he have when we moved into our house). Truth be told, I'm happy to let him have his space as long as he keeps it somewhat neat and lets me use it when I really need it for work (after all--I let him sleep in MY

Having said that, I'm on a mission to be 100% clutter free and the foolishness and mayhem (to quote Niecey Nash from Clean House) was not cutting it in there. So, the room got a makeover for Aaron's Father's Day gift. Despite his defensiveness I think he likes it. The other day I heard him tell a friend "hey, let me show you what I've done to my office!" :)



Cortney said...

That looks great!

A happy heart at home said...

Wow! Great job!


Sarah said...

Men and their rooms are hilarious. My husband has a drink room (really a little closet) that I'm not allowed to touch. It's a little silly to me.

I think you did a great job.

Joy said...

It looks spacious... thats the good thing about decluttering it will make your mind creative and peaceful..
Good job,, dont worry we know that you cleaned it up not your hubby!!!!