Wednesday, March 14, 2007

False alarm

For those loyal followers to this blog spot you know that Mommy thought she would be delivered today. This just goes to show that nature will not be too complacent and allow mere mortals to plan births so easily. For spring has sprung and bugs are in the air, and in her belly too. The doctor came in this morning and informed Mommy that bugs aren't allowed in the operating room.

So now we are on hold. We think the delivery will be tomorrow, but we have learned our lesson on stating definitives. If the baby is born tomorrow, the Ides of March and the first day of the NCAA tourney, maybe that will mean he is destined to be a ball player. Then again, he could turn out to be a geek like his dad.

Stay tuned. An alert will be sent out as soon as something more substantial happens. In the mean time, thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers. Both are greatly appreciated.