Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog, blog, blog. It's all I ever hear these days...

I must admit, all the press has piqued my interest and I thought it was time to give it a shot. I often have random thoughts in my head that need a place to shine, so I guess this will be it.

My life these days consists of mommying an almost 10 month old (Grace), mothering a 10 year old (Tyler), being a good wife to Aaron, working (I do contract work from home), and church. I am busy, but aren't we all?

For work, I am a contractor for marketing research companies. Years and years of researching new products has made me quite a keen consumer. I am always looking for hip new stuff and I suspect that my blog will consist of reviews of the things that are hot topics in our household. Being the mother of a young baby, I am a target for many neat, new baby products and some of them just need to be discussed. In my blog I will attempt to weave these reviews into boring musings of everyday life in our house.

To kick this thing off, let me tell you a little about who lives here:

Melissa - That's me. I am 35, wife of Aaron, mother of two beauties. I met my husband Aaron online (gasp!) 4 years ago. We have been married almost three years and have a 10-month old daughter together.

Aaron - He's the love of my life. I know it sounds sappy and trite, but he really is my superman. He's a loyal friend, great daddy, terrific cook, oh and he keeps the yard looking nice! :)

Tyler - Tyler is my 10-year old son from a previous marriage. He is smart, athletic, and a really good kid, especially considering he's entered his "tween" years. Tyler plays soccer and basketball is is going to give baseball a shot next year. He stays with his dad half of the time and with us half of the time. We look forward to his weeks with us and things are really only "complete" when we are all here.

Grace - Our little "Gracie Girl" is our newest addition. She was born in November 2005, a month early, weighing in at about 8.5 lbs. She has been pure sunshine since she arrived. Oh yeah, she has her moments where she cries (as do all babies), but for the most part this little girl is happy all the time. She loves her mommy and daddy and is particularly fond of her big brother.

Tex and Caroline - These two are the canine members of our family. Tex is a four year old yellow lab and Caroline is a 3 year old Heinz 57.

Now that the intros are done, I can't wait to get started...

Tomorrow! :)